Fire rated partitions, ceilings and floors are essential to ensure effective fire compartmentation and they are a fundamental component of any fire safety design. Fire compartmentation is basically the division of a building into “sterile” compartments, using building materials that will protect against the progression of fire and it’s associated components, flames, smoke and toxic gases, from traveling from one compartment to another. The longer the fire stopping solutions can prevent the transfer of these key deadly components then the more likely that safe evacuation of the building will be achieved.

The passive fire stopping solutions utilised by Aleron Fire protection contractors can prevent the movement of a fire for a range of BS and EN standard test time periods from 30 to 240 minutes.

fireboard compartmentation

Fire compartmentation of a building, particularly the escape routes within the building, through the effective installation of passive fire protection solutions/products is a vital consideration within the fire risk strategy and assessment and is an area in which competency is critical.

Aleron Fire Protection Contractors install fire resistant partitions in compliance with ASFP Fire Resisting Non Load-bearing Partitions (Purple Book)