Fireboard encasement systems provide an effective fire protection solution for a range of concrete, steel and timber building structures.

A fireboard encasement system can provide an effective alternate passive fire protection solution for steel framed structures where intumescent coatings/paints are not appropriate/suitable for the building. The fire rated boards dry lining provides a robust and smooth surface.

Fireboard encasement is a non-combustible system with high levels of passive fire protection to building structures. It can also greatly improve the acoustic performance of a building.

High fire stopping and resistance can be achieved even without any additional coating applied to the fireboard encasement system.

The fireboards can be installed quickly with minimal costs and without any additional special preparation of the building’s framework being required.

Ductwork fireproofing, Fireboard Encasement

In general, passive fire protection solutions utilising fireboard installations can offer minimal impact on business operations. The fireboard system is easy to clean, requires minimal maintenance and can be easily be repaired if damaged.

Overall, the fireboard encasement is a versatile, cheap and very efficient way of passive fire protection.

Our Fire Protection installers build fireboard protection systems in compliance with ASFP Fire Protection for Structural Steel in Buildings (Yellow Book)