Passive fire protection is an essential element of the operation of any building, especially where there are large numbers of people living and working in the building itself.

There is a wide range variety of fire-stopping solutions on the market, and this often makes it difficult to differentiate one from another. Many solutions perform the same function, but may be fundamentally different in there application. So how do you choose a right solution and products for your project?

Aleron Fire Protection Contractors understands that there is often a combination of factors that need to be considered before recommending and implementing the best passive fire protection solution for our clients. For example which product is most cost effective for the job, which products are easiest and fastest to install, which solution requires less maintenance, which solution is better suited to the operating conditions of the space or building, how does the passive fire protection solution recommended integrate with the other components of the fire protection system.

Aleron Fire protection contractors recognise that every project is different and each has its own distinguishing differences, so a universal solution  “one size fits all” solution is not the best option

Aleron Fire Protection contractors have extensive practical experience in the installation of passive fire protection systems.

This allows us to quickly assess and consider all possible factors that can affect the choice of a particular fire protection solution, tailoring it to meet the specific needs of the project. 

We help our clients to understand all the key aspects of their passive fire protection requirements particularly those that may have escaped their attention, but can result in a potential large concern in the future.

Aleron fire stopping experts are always happy to share their knowledge, and provide technical advice on arrange of passive fire protection services and solutions. Feel free to call us for a free initial consultation.