Case Studies

University of Oxford

Educational Facilities
The University of Oxford, renowned for its historic and academic significance, engaged Aleron to enhance fire protection systems on the third floor as part of a crucial fire safety initiative. This project was focused on establishing high standards of passive fire protection in areas that initially lacked sufficient fire resistance.

Aleron's Fire Protection team, experts in managing the unique requirements of educational institutions, implemented fire-rated barriers designed as smoke barriers. These installations utilised batt insulation and mastic sealants, strategically placed to meet the essential fire resistance ratings and bolster overall safety on the third floor.

In addition to these measures, Aleron addressed various penetrations, including those for plastic pipes, plastic ducts, cable bunches, and lagged pipes. The work also encompassed batt and mastic seal types.

With the successful completion of this project, the third floor of the University of Oxford now benefits from improved fire safety measures. This enhancement provides a secure environment for its academic community. Aleron's proficiency in passive fire protection has been vital in reinforcing the university's dedication to safety and academic excellence.