Case Studies

The College of Psychic Studies

Educational Facilities
The College of Psychic Studies, a respected institution known for its dedication to exploring the psychic, engaged Aleron to enhance security and accessibility by installing single leaf doors. This project was part of a broader initiative to improve safety and functionality throughout the building.

Aleron's Door Installation team, specialists in handling the unique needs of educational institutions, carefully fitted single leaf doors. These installations included crucial components such as hinges, closers, locks, signage, dropdown seals, intumescent seals, and smoke seals, ensuring comprehensive enhancement of the doors' functionality and fire safety.

The work undertaken by Aleron involved the precise installation of hinges for smooth operation, closers to ensure doors shut automatically, and locks to maintain security. Additionally, signage was carefully placed to provide clear instructions, while dropdown seals, intumescent seals, and smoke seals were installed to significantly improve fire resistance and smoke containment.

With the successful completion of this project, The College of Psychic Studies now boasts improved door systems that not only enhance safety and security but also contribute to the overall efficiency of the institution. Aleron's expertise in door installations has been crucial in reinforcing the college's commitment to creating a safe and conducive environment for learning and exploration.
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