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Science Museum London

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The Science Museum London, a premier destination for science and technology enthusiasts, engaged Aleron to enhance its fire protection systems as part of a critical fire safety initiative. This project focused on establishing top-tier passive fire protection standards in areas that required significant upgrades.

Aleron's Fire Protection team, adept at managing the specific needs of cultural and educational institutions, implemented fire-rated barriers using batt insulation and mastic sealants. These installations were carefully placed to meet the necessary fire resistance ratings and ensure comprehensive safety throughout the museum.

Additionally, Aleron addressed various penetrations to further improve fire safety. The work included the use of High Pressure Exerting Mastic (Graphite) and batt and mastic seal types. They expertly sealed penetrations such as cable bunches and cable trays/baskets, utilising advanced materials and techniques to maintain the building's fire integrity in case of an emergency.

With the successful completion of this project, the Science Museum London now boasts enhanced fire safety measures, providing a secure environment for its visitors and staff. Aleron's expertise in passive fire protection has been instrumental in supporting the museum's commitment to safety and preservation of its invaluable exhibits.
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