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Coventry Stadium

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Coventry Stadium is a prominent venue for sports and entertainment events. This iconic facility regularly hosts major games, concerts, and shows, drawing in crowds from across the region and beyond. Originally constructed in the late 20th century, the stadium recently underwent a significant renovation to enhance its amenities and infrastructure.

As part of these renovations, Aleron Fire Protection was commissioned to provide passive fire protection installations to ensure the fire integrity of the upgraded areas within the stadium. Aleron's team had previously worked on similar large-scale public venues, making them well-equipped to handle the unique challenges of this project.

Aleron's Fire Protection experts, aware of the technical complexities involved in such a high-profile undertaking, carried out installations of fire-rated barriers using batt insulation and mastic sealants. These barriers were strategically installed to achieve the required fire resistance ratings, supporting the overall safety of the stadium.

In addition, Aleron addressed various penetrations throughout the facility, utilising technical materials such as batt and mastic seal types. They carefully sealed penetrations, including plastic pipes, lagged pipes, voids, and steel beams, employing techniques designed to maintain the building's fire integrity during emergencies.

With their swift response time and flexible scheduling, Aleron ensured that the fire stopping assemblies were completed without disrupting the ongoing operations and events at the stadium. These installations will play a vital role in protecting the lives of visitors and staff, as well as safeguarding the valuable assets of this iconic venue, in the event of an emergency.
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Batt & Mastic seal of cable bunch penetration
Batt & Mastic seal of cable bunch penetration