Case Studies

YMCA Horsham

Residential and Accommodation
As part of a comprehensive fire safety upgrade, Aleron was tasked with enhancing the fire protection measures at YMCA Horsham, a vital community hub and recreational facility. This critical project aimed to ensure the highest levels of fire safety for both visitors and staff.

Aleron's Fire Protection team, well-versed in addressing the unique challenges of such facilities, meticulously installed fire-rated barriers using batt insulation and mastic sealants to achieve the required 30-minute fire resistance rating. These barriers were strategically placed throughout the building, safeguarding essential areas like stairwells, corridors, and utility spaces.

To further enhance fire safety, the team also sealed various penetrations, including vents, copper pipes, single cables, and plastic conduits, with specialised fire-rated sealants and intumescent materials. This ensured that these openings would not compromise the facility's fire integrity in an emergency.

Experienced Aleron fire operative, Marius, led this high-profile project, ensuring every aspect of the installation met the highest standards. His extensive training and careful attention to detail were crucial in guaranteeing the reliability of the fire-rated assemblies, thus protecting lives and assets at YMCA Horsham.

With the successful completion of this project, YMCA Horsham now boasts enhanced fire safety measures, providing a secure environment for the community it serves. Aleron's expertise in passive fire protection has significantly contributed to the facility's continued role as a central hub for recreational activities and community gatherings.