Case Studies

St Patrick’s Academy

Educational Facilities
As part of a major fire safety initiative, St Patrick's Academy contracted Aleron to enhance its fire protection systems, ensuring the utmost safety for students and staff. This vital project aimed to meet the highest passive fire protection standards, despite the challenges posed by the existing ceiling and floor substrates, which initially lacked sufficient fire resistance.

Aleron's Fire Protection team, adept at handling the specific challenges of educational institutions, carefully installed fire-rated barriers using batt insulation and mastic sealants to meet the required 30-minute and 60-minute fire resistance ratings. These barriers were thoughtfully placed throughout the academy to safeguard critical areas like stairwells, corridors, and utility spaces.

To further bolster fire safety, Aleron addressed various penetrations, including single cables, lagged pipes, cable bunches, copper pipes, cable trays/baskets, plastic conduits, and linear gaps. We used specialised materials such as High Pressure Exerting Mastic (Graphite) and Intumescent Wrap to ensure these openings would not undermine the building's fire integrity in an emergency.

With the successful completion of this project, St Patrick's Academy now enjoys improved fire safety measures, offering a secure environment for its educational community. Aleron's skill in passive fire protection has been instrumental in reinforcing the institution's dedication to safety and educational excellence.