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ALERON offers a range of specialist firestopping services including fireboard encasement, structural steel protection, intumescent coating, fire doors and fire protection building surveys.
Fire Compartmentation
Dividing premises into a number of sterile compartments to contain a fire and stop its progression through a building. Fire-rated partitions, floors and ceilings are essential to ensure effective fire compartmentation and they are a fundamental component of any fire safety design.

▪︎ Creation of fire compartments
▪︎ Fire walls, floors and ceiling
▪︎ Fire stopping above door heads
▪︎ Compartmentation of communal space in blocks of flats
▪︎ Apertures and penetrations sealing
Fireboard Encasement
Fire rated board encasement protects the structural integrity of concrete, steelworks and timber frameworks in the event of a fire. Fireboard encasement systems provide an effective fire protection solution for various types of building structures. ALERON has experience in installation of fireboarding encasements to provide fire resistance lasting from 30 to 240 minutes.

▪︎ Fireboarding to structural steel
▪︎ Fireboarding to timber structures
▪︎ Fire rated ceilings and partitions
Intumescent Coatings
Intumescent coatings act to protect steelwork by insulating the steel, preventing the temperature of the steel reaching such a critical heat that it causes structural failure. In a fire situation, the temperature increase causes a chemical reaction causing the intumescent coating to expand.

▪︎ Intumescent paints with 30 - 180 minutes fire resistance
▪︎ Water based intumescent coatings for internal use
▪︎ Solvent-based costings for external use
▪︎ Top coat intumescent paints for decorative finish
Fire Doors
Fire rated door installation is a vital element of a passive fire protection strategy for any building. Fire doors are designed to slow the progress of a fire and its components – flame, smoke and toxic gases, by halting its spread from compartment to compartment within the building.

▪︎ Fire doors achieving 20 - 240 minutes fire resistance
▪︎ Single and double leaf fire doors
▪︎ Bespoke fire doors
▪︎ Decorative finish fire doors
▪︎ Glass fire doors
▪︎ Smoke seals and intumescent gaskets
▪︎ Fire door repairs
ALERON Fire Protecton has a wealth of experience in undertaking a host of fire stopping and passive fire protection installations for property maintenance companies, housing associations, hotels, hospitals, schools universities and main contractors. ALERON carries a "preferred contractor" status with a number of national companies which is a testament to the quality and reliability of our work.

▪︎ Apertures and penetrations sealing
▪︎ Linear gap fire sealing
▪︎ Firestopping around services
▪︎ Fire batt and mastic applications
▪︎ Fire safe ducting and ventillation
Structural Steel Protection
Steel structures are now reported to account for approximately 70% of the available multi-storey framed buildings with adequate and correctly installed structural steel fire protection is an integral part of the fire safety strategy for these buildings.

▪︎ External and internal steel fire protection
▪︎ Fire ratings from 30 - 240 minutes
▪︎ Cementitious coatings
▪︎ Intumescent thin-film coatings and paints
▪︎ Light board-based steel protection (e.g. rock fibre)
▪︎ Heavy board-based steel protection (e.g. Calcium Silicate)
Fire Stopping Surveys
A fire stopping survey is designed to investigate a building for fire safety compliance, specifically focusing on the constrution methods and systems implemented within the fabric of the building to prevent and slow down propagation of fire, smoke and toxic fumes. ALERON offers detailed fire stopping surveys, backed up with photographic evidence, inspections report and recommendations.

Fire stopping surveys include investigation of the following:
▪︎ Construction type of walls, floors and ceilings
▪︎ Continuous fire integrity of fire compartments
▪︎ Firestopping to structural and non-structural openings
▪︎ Firestopping to service penetrations
▪︎ Fire protection to service risers and ventilation shafts
▪︎ Fire proofing of lifts shafts
Cementitious Fire Sprays
Cementitious sprays are a perfect solution for protecting complex steel and concrete structures and are most often used in the commercial and industrial buildings or residential buildings' carparks, basements or utility areas. Cementitious coatings are recognised as a fast and cost-efficient method of providing up to 240 minutes fire protection to structural elements, such as steelwork or concrete beams, columns and slabs.

Cementitious Spraying - Key Benefits:
▪︎ Non Hazardous mortar-based material
▪︎ Fire Protection Compliant with BS EN 13381-3
▪︎ Concrete Slabs and Walls up to REI 240
▪︎ Concrete Beams and Columns to R120
▪︎ Long Service Life
▪︎ Environmentally recyclable packaging
Fire Rated Glass Partitions
ALERON Fire Protection is an appointed distributor and a trained certified installer of ALUFIRE fire-resistant aluminium systems in the UK. We offer a range of frameless or framed fire-rated office partition systems to achieve fire ratings of EI30 - EI120.

Fire Glass Partitions - Key Benefits:
▪︎ Frameless and aluminium framed fire rated glass system
▪︎ Fire ratings from 30 - 240 minutes (EW30 – EI120)
▪︎ Independently tested and certified for the UK market
▪︎ Up to 52dB acoustic attenuation (Rw)
▪︎ Partitions fitted up to 3600mm high
▪︎ Free design & specification service provided
▪︎ RAL colour finish

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