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Intumescent Coatings
ALERON has an extensive experience in application of intumescent paints and reactive coatings required for passive fire protection of steel and concrete structures. When exposed to high temperatures, intumescent coatings expand, protecting the steelwork from collapsing during a fire.
Intumescent Paint Contractors
Professional intumescent paint application by ALERON Fire Protection contractors on a project in London. We have specially trained and accredited intumescent coatings operatives that specialise in thin-film spray-on fire protection of steel structure elements with both indoor and outdoor applications.
ALERON are fully accredited to make intumescent paint spraying installations for products of all industry leading brands, including Sherwin-Williams, Nullifire, International, Jotun and Thrmoguard.
Intumescent Paint Installation in London
Intumescent Paint Contractors and Intumescent Coatings Company in London

Intumescent Paint
for structural steel fire protection

Fast and cost-efficient method of providing
fire protection to structural steel elements
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Intumescent Coatings Contractors

Intumescent paints and coatings are an essential element in the passive fire protection strategies for most modern buildings. By protecting the steel, concrete and wooden structural elements, intumescent paints extends the length of time that those structural elements will continue to perform in case of a fire, whilst withstanding high temperatures and preventing partial or full collapse of a building.
The correct application of an intumescent coating to structural elements of a building
will make it more resistant to fire, mitigating for the potential risk to property and loss of life.

ALERON Fire Protection is trained and approved for application of all of the UK's leading intumescent coatings and we offer the most versatile and cost-effective intumescent painting solutions for the fire protection of structural structures.

The complete range of intumescent coatings we offer will achieve either 30, 60 or 120 minutes of structural fire protection, depending on the specifications by the architect or a structural engineer. ALERON's operatives are fully trained in application of intumescent coatings, specifically controlling that an appropriate dry film thickness is achieve the required fire protection standard. All our installations are onsite inspected in accordance with our third party certification requirements.

Intumescent paints and coatings installed by ALERON Fire Protection contractors ensure the structural integrity of building elements in case of a fire comply with requirements of appliable BS and EN standards.

Intumescent Paint and Coatings
Intumescent coating acts to protect steelwork by insulating the steel, preventing the temperature of the steel reaching such a critical heat that it causes structural failure. In a fire situation, the temperature increase causes a chemical reaction causing the intumescent coating to expand.

▪︎ Intumescent paints with 30 - 180 minutes fire resistance
▪︎ Water based intumescent coatings for internal use
▪︎ Solvent-based costings for external use
▪︎ Top coat intumescent paints for decorative finish
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