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Fire Doors
ALERON has an extensive experience in fire doors installations, including bespoke fire doors and glazed fire doors. We also have in-house technical expertise for fire doors surveys and certifiable remediation works.

Fire Doors Contractors

Fire rated door installation is a vital element of passive fire protection in every building.
Fire doors perform a vital fire-stopping role within a building's fire protection compartmentation function and a significant visual aesthetic role in any building.

Fire doors are designed to slow the progress of a fire and its components – flame, smoke and toxic gases, by halting it's spread from compartment to compartment within the building. They play an essential role in safeguarding escape routes out of the building and ensuring that safe evacuation of the building is more likely to be achieved.

ALERON Fire Protection contractors offer a wide variety of fire doors that will meet your fire strategy and fire risk assessment requirements. All fire doors and ironmongery fitted by ALERON Fire Protection contractors are certificated under BS/EN product standards and all associated hardware is CE marked. Fire doors are rated for fire separation capabilities and tested in terms of the time period before the complete failure of the fire door. The common ratings are known in UK Building Regulations as FD30 and FD60 providing of 30 or 60 mins fire resistance appropriately.

ALERON Fire Protection Contractors provide fire doors in a variety of timber, metal and composite materials. They can range from simple, single-leaf pedestrian doors, used extensively in residential accommodation, through to large, power operated steel doors used to protect industrial buildings. A fire door is not just a "door leaf", but the door frame, hinges, handles, glasses panels, ironmongery and seals must all work in combination to ensure the fire door provides optimum and appropriate fire resistance. It is essential therefore that fire doors are fitted by fully trained and qualified installers - ALERON Fire Protection.
Fire Doors Contractors London
ALERON Fire Protection is a fire door Installation and Maintenance company and supply and fit fire doors in London. We offer fire doors inspection, maintenance and replacement for residential blocks, commercial and industrial buildings, schools, hospitals and care homes.
ALERON Fire Protection specialises in remedial works need to ensure all fire doors in your building are fully compliant with the current technical standards and are third-party certified. We will agree with you a detailed fire doors maintenance program aimed at reducing disruption and your business interuption.
Fire Door Installation London
Fire Door Installation and sealing of gaps around a fire door

Fire Doors
Fire rated doors installation is a vital element of a passive fire protection strategy for any building. Fire doors are designed to slow the progress of a fire and its components – flame, smoke and toxic gases, by halting its spread from compartment to compartment within the building.

▪︎ Fire doors achieving 20 - 240 minutes fire resistance
▪︎ Single and double leaf fire doors
▪︎ Bespoke fire doors
▪︎ Decorative finish fire doors
▪︎ Glass fire doors
▪︎ Smoke seals and intumescent gaskets
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